About us


Our philosophy

At Praxis Lemm our philosophy is to support you the best we can to become and stay healthy and happy. We combine both conventional and natural medicine together to find the best treatments for you. Dr Lemm the founder of Praxis Lemm has broken free from the limiting “standard care” approach which often calls upon chemical drugs as a first defence without a real diagnosis for the root causes. At Praxis Lemm we use holistic diagnostic testing and analysis that’s rarely is done in conventional meadicine to uncover the hidden causes of why people feel the way they feel.
We believe that the root underlying causes can be linked to one or more of these causes: nutritional deficiency, environmental poisons, chronic infections like Lyme disease, chronic inflammatory, metablic disorders (lifestyle) and Psychological traumas.


Our Doctors & therapists


Dr. Med.  Vesna  Lemm

  • Physician and General Practitioner (GP)
  • TCM & Acupuncture
  • Heavy Metal Detox Expert
  • Functional Medicine / Naturopath
  • Nutritionist
  • Midwife
  • Yoga Teacher
  • Female Specialist

My medical journey started at 15 years old when I started my study to become a midwife. Since then I knew that medicine is my way of serving and helping others. After becoming a midwife I started medical school which gave me the scientific knowledge and understanding that also helped me with my own health issues, that I have been suffering from since I was a child. But it was not until I started combining it with TCM and natural medicine that I started healing my health issues properly. I am pleased that Praxis Lemm has become a place where I can share this knowledge that I received from my personal experience over 30 years to help others truely get healthy. I am also so thankful to all my staff who have trained with me over the years.