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Empower your pregnancy journey

At our midwife clinic


Empower  and soften your pregnancy journey at Praxis Lemm: a Top Midwife Clinic

Berlin for woman covered by public or private health insurances.Through pregnancy

courses,   pregnancy acupuncture,  pregnancy massages,  nutriotional counselling,

postnatal  care, yoga & pilates courses. At our Midwife Clinic in Berlin we will guide

you  through every stage og pregnancy while tapping into your natural intuition as

a mother.


About DR. Vesna Lemm


Vesna is a general and holistic doctor in Berlin. She has been a midwife over 40 years

specialising in birth preparation,  methods for  easing  childbirth  and  treatment  of

complications in pregnancy. She has  founded  the  Midwife Clinic  in  Berlin  so  she

could help as many woman as possible have a pregnancy experience they  wish  to


“My purpose is to facilitate and empower woman´s pregnancy journeys by making

them more empowering, easier and safer. Woman have been my main focus and priority

as a midwife for 35 years and a medical doctor for more  then 20 years. In addition

to being a midwife I have specialist in birth preparation, methods for easing childbirth

and treatment of complications in pregnancy.

Even if you have already chosen a midwife you can still  make use of all our

services of pregnancy acupuncture, massage, Pregnancy yoga ect. since both private and public

health insurance allow you to be cared for by many midwives.”


Dr. Vesna Lemm


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