prenatal check up


Pregnancy Prenatal check up in Berlin

At our Midwife Clinic in Berlin we specialise in guiding women in their whole pregnancy journey and it starts with a prenatal check up and prenatal care. It is provided in the form of medical prenatal check up, diagnostics and recommendations on managing a healthy lifestyle which prevents potential health problems throughout the course of the pregnancy. We offer various prenatal check up & diagnostic procedures at Praxis Lemm for pregnant woman:

medical history  and examination

Medical history and examination cannot be overestimated because the most important thing is to listen as a therapist especially to pregnant women who are very intuitive.  Women in pregnancy  know many things that are going on  better than anyone else. Pregnant women feel themself with all senses and can help us to get to the root of the true cause. We have only knowledge and experiences with others and ourselves.

tcm and tongue diagnostics

Tongue diagnostics is one of the main diagnostics that TMC used and is very important in pregnancy as it can help detect the blockages of the liver, digestive system, heart and other TCM organs and meridians. These blockages are then treated with acupuncture. 

Pregnancy check up

According to maternity regulations you can choose to have your pregnancy check-ups done either by your gynaecologist or your midwife.  The check-up in our midwife practice includes: heart sound analysis of the child, blood pressure measurement, checking your weight, individually chosen urine tests, blood tests and vaginal status.

extended blood results with vitamins

Blood testing is one of the most important diagnostic tools during your birth preparation to make sure that you and your baby are getting the right nutrients. Next to the blood testing we take into account vitamin D, marka for B12, proteins etc.


urine tests

It is very important to detect for urinary tract infection as it is one the main causes of premature birth. As well as gestational diabetes is nowadays common and it is very often detected in urine.

vaginal microbiome and flora

Vaginal flora determines the immune system of your baby after it is born. If you pay attention and boost your vaginal microbiome, you will give the best start to your babies immune system.

Also, medical studies revealed that an infection of the vaginal area can cause premature contractions (premature birth). You can prevent this from happening if you have a vaginal microbiome and flora status done. It is completely covered by all health insurances. Dr Vesna Lemm has done her Phd in this field and has more then 20 years experience in this field. 

If you often have discomforts in your vulva or vagina, we recommend having the examination done as soon as possible. With a vaginal microbiome status, the physiological flora (lactobacilli and pH-value) of the vagina is tested and the presence of infection-causing germs can be determined and treated. If you do not have a good immune system and do not have enough lactobacilli you can build it up with the treatment of lactobacilli-suppositories. This will make sure that your child will have a health immune system.