Implementation and procedure

High altitude treatment is carried out in a relaxed manner, either lying down or sitting down. The amount of oxygen administered through a mask is monitored and stored by computer by monitoring the heart rate and the oxygen value of the blood using a finger clip. The first treatment lasts 30 minutes, during which the height to be started is calculated. The subsequent sessions have a duration of 50 minutes. A total of 12 treatments are recommended. One session per week is successful, but the success rate is higher at twice a week. You will receive your personal mask including a special bacteria and virus filter.


What does High altitude treatment: iht and ihht mean?



The air you breathe through the mask in the Interval-hypoxic-training (IHT) has both altitude character up to 6500 meters (hypoxia) and valley character (normoxy, ambient air), which is administered alternately. The result is that old and not optimally functioning mitochondria perish, the cell can regenerate and supply more energy.


The difference in the Interval-hypoxic-hyperoxic-training (IHHT) is the alternation of hypoxic air and air through additionally enriched oxygen (hyperoxia). This therapy is suitable for trained and untrained patients.


 iht & IHHT effects on the body


In 2019 William Kaelin, Gregg Semenza and Peter Ratcliffe received the Nobel Prize in Medicine for their research on cellular oxygen measurement. Within our cells, mitochondria are responsible for the process of energy production through supplied oxygen. The mitochondria are therefore the power plants of our cells, they are responsible for health and illness by providing energy.

Unlike other cells, mitochondria do not possess any repair mechanisms, so that damaged mitochondria and their defective DNA are passed on to descendant mitochondria – a development of a new healthy and energy-rich metabolism is thus impossible. To break the cycle, i.e. to support healthy mitochondria and to remove mitochondria that are not optimally functioning, it is possible using the principle of high-altitude air therapy. With the help of the scientific observation of the above-mentioned Nobel Prize winners, it can be proven that an oxygen-deficient environment (hypoxia) renders functionally impaired mitochondria unfit for life. Only healthy mitochondria can withstand these extreme conditions and states of emergency. The result is that old and not optimally functioning mitochondria perish, the cell can regenerate and supply more energy.

This leads to increased cell activity in organs that consist increasingly of mitochondria, such as nerve or heart muscle cells, hormone glands or cells of the kidneys and liver.



 when is iht & ihht useful to use ?




High altitude air therapy can be used for prevention, for maintaining health as well as specifically for diseases. It is assumed that a large part of civilization and chronic diseases, in addition to an autonomic imbalance, is closely related to damaged mitochondria and simultaneously reduced cellular oxygen content.

A positive influence of the increased energy production of the cells was shown especially in the following diseases:

  • Energy deficiency, Physical and mental exhaustion.
  •   Loss of performance, Chronic energy deficiency.
  •   Sleep disorders.
  •   Cardiovascular diseases, Arterial hypertension.
  •   Diabetes mellitus type 2.
  •   Weight reduction/relaxation.


 important to know about iht & ihht



IHT treats the consequences of a disturbed metabolic state in the body. Causes of a disturbed metabolic state often lie in:

  •   Environmental stress.
  •   Lifestyle: unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, excessive stress, drugs, etc.
  •   Infections: chronic Lyme disease, viral infections, fungi, etc.

If the causes are corrected, IHT with mitochondrial correction can lead to complete healing only with 12-sessions (1 course). In the case that the cause is not eliminated, compulsory repeated IHT is needed.

Dr. Vesna Lemm experience:

“From my personal experience, as well as from the experience of my children and patients, there is a clearly noticeable effect in the increase of energy.

My children & I take IHT several times a year. In addition to a subjectively felt improvement, blood values, especially mitochondrial markers, also show a positive development.”