Hypnobirthing course in berlin

At our Midwife Clinic in Berlin we offer HypnoBirthing courses as well as the pregnancy services to help woman through there pregnancy journeys. HypnoBirthing enables women to give birth in a natural way and strengthens their faith in being able to give birth to their children naturally and by their own strength. It is both a philosophy and an applied technique. We offer our HypnoBirthing courses for couples of a pregnant woman and her birth companion, who are less than 5 weeks away from their predicted due date.

HypnoBirthing® teaches you to trust in your body, to let go of any fears, to replace these by positive images, to perceive a birth according to your own ideas and to feel as independent as possible during birth.

HypnoBirthing®, already while you are pregnant, enables you to feel a very strong connection with your baby, and also your birth companion will play an important role from the beginning, while being included more deeply in this wonderful event.


Make your child’s birth an empowering experience by returning to your instincts and to your body’s knowledge. Learn self-hypnosis and breathing-techniques to achieve deep relaxation which will help you during birth by increasing the release of feel-good hormones and pain-inhibiting hormones. The course is conducted by a certified HypnoBirthing® trainer. Since not all couples may have the time to attend a course of several weeks we have decided to offer them as compact workshops. During two days you and your birth companion will learn all the content of HypnoBirthing®. The total course cost is 300 Euros and 100 Euro should be paid in advance to reserve your place. You will get a handout and the HypnoBirthing® book by M. Mongan including the download of the Rainbow Relaxation. Since maximum 5 couples can participate in a course, it is advisable to reserve your place early. Come in cozy clothes and bring yourselves snacks for the break. Tea and cookies will be provided.