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Holistic & functional Medicine


As a general practitioner and a family doctor  I am taking advantage  of my broad knowledge and experience in medicine in tracking the health of the whole  family.  

 My philosophy as a family doctor

  • Is to  treat you as a whole human being, your body, mind, spirit and your social life, which is also part of us.
  • My approach to treatments reflects a partnership between you and me that enables us to jointly determine which type of treatment will meet your needs.

 The best results are usually achieved through a sensible combination of treatments from conventional medicine, natural medicine and nutritional medicine.


 Medical history cannot be overestimated because the most important thing is to listen as a doctor to a patient. You, as the  patient, know many things why you get sick, better than anyone else. So, also, we as therapists  do not know what can help you as yourself. You feel yourself with all senses. We have only knowledge and experiences with others and ourselves.

  • Tcm pulse and tongue diagnostic  
  •  Ayurvedic pulse diagnostic
  • Blood test results 
  • Genetic and epigenetic  test 
  • Vaginal flora microbiome 
  •  Gut flora and  microbiome
  • Mitochondrien functional test 
  • Urine tests,  including heavy metals 
  • Lyme diseases diagnostic
  • Bioimpedance Measurements Analysis (BIA)
  • Bioscan
  •  Heart rate variability and Veda Pulse


Naturally, I tend to look ahead of time. 

I am a doctor who wants to prevent the illnesses in advance.  Most of the things have already been found in blood, urine and  noticed on your skin before we get any symptoms.

This is actually one of my favourite works, which we can treat with  a gentle medicine, like lifestyle, nutrition and maybe some supplements, if needed.

follow up

Follow up is an  observation of the patients in the long term and we see how the results are developing. I am always surprised and it gives me great pleasure when I see not only that  your symptoms are  decreasing but also the results in blood and other diagnostic procedures are much better.

family medicine

I have many patients in the long term with the whole family as it is  the greatest joy treating three generations, because I know the best of their psychological, physical and social life which is truly holistic medicine. This is nourishing my heart.

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acute health problems



In acute diseases, if the patients come in time and have a good immune system it is usually enough to treat with natural medicine and vitamins, for example high doses of vitamin C shots.


In acute situations, it is sometimes necessary and can save lives, if you use conventional medicine, for example antibiotics and steroids.

respiratory tract infection

(sinusitis, bronhitis, pneumonia, flu)

I do not refuse antibiotics, but I very rarely prescribe them for the respiratory tract infections, only for pneumonia. All the other states are very well treated with the high dose of vitamin infusion, for example a high dose of vitamin C, but it is also individual according to the wishes because the herbal medicine is taking also a big place in the treatment of the respiratory system.

gut  problem

( diarrhea, colitis and gastritis).

Acute gut problems are treated with herbs and probiotics. It is usually not necessary to use strong medication, which is also individual.

urinary tract infection

If it is a simple one, it is very well treated with herbs like oregano capsules, or other herbal therapies or supplements. However, if it is really painful I, also, if the patient wishes and cannot wait, give antibiotics which are given individually and what is suiting the bacteria according to diagnostics on what your bacteria are reacting to.

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chronic  health problems



In my experience chronic illnesses are better treated with natural medicine which is softer and, in the long run, long lasting.

chronic Fatigue/burn-out and depression

Chronic fatigue and burnout should be observed individually, as they are different causes, and I do always really thoroughly  the diagnostics before offering the treatment.


My experience is that depression very often is caused by body illnesses and scientific medicine very often, if they do not find any physical cause, gives a diagnosis of depression like to my son who had lyme disease. Some people had only iron deficiency which had not been found. So the more we are looking the more we will discover, which means depression is not always or very little percentage has a psychological cause.

digestion problems / gut health

The gut problems are increasing rapidly due to the Western style diet and an extensive amount of used antibiotics.   Traditional and scientific medicine agree that stomach and gut are very important if not the most important for our general health. Our gut is the second brain and  it is responsible for the hormones and the immune system. A leaky gut syndrome is very common in which case the toxins are coming out of the gut  into the bloodstream causing health problems. So gut health testing is one of the main diagnostic procedures and everyone gets the recommendation to examine it.

allergies and autoimmune illneses

Very common are allergies, food intolerance, food allergies, neurodermatitis, hay fever, asthma, autoimmune thyroiditis – Morbus Hashimoto, rheumatic arthritis, fibromyalgia and chronic pain ).

chronic pain

One of the most horrifying symptoms, next to the mind problems, is chronic pain. If you humans do not have pain, every other problem  is better tolerable. Chronic pain is very often occurring in the back, head and the joints. All types of chronic pain are due to the chronic inflammation. This is one of the detective’s work as a part of holistic medicine satisfying my curiosity to find the proper cause.

Food intolerances and allergies

Food intolerance is the part of gut health so if you have it we recommend: 

  • Firstly,  doing a microbiome examination.
  •  Secondly, to do the heavy metals and pesticides panel.   
  • Thirdly, to examine parasites and harmful bacteria in the gut 

Dr. Lemm cured most of her food allergies with  this procedure.

metabolic syndrome

Metabolic syndrome is one of the fastest rising disorders in our Western world due to the nutrition filled with carbohydrates, the lack of physical activities and stress. The proper curing,  fundamentally, belongs to the change of lifestyle and I usually do not give Statins or other antidiabetic meditations, as I tend to motivate most of the patients to change the lifestyle. Sometimes I recommend using scientifically proven medications, which are on the long run, non-harming but helping, for example Metformin which is used in anti-aging science.


I treat cancer as a complementary medicine next to the scientific medicine or alone if the patient wishes with a high dose of vitamin C for example, nutrition like ketogenic diet or low carb diet.

chronic inflammatory disease


Chronic inflammatory disease 

Chronic inflammation is a reaction of the immune system. Cause could be everything, but mostly common and known to us are: 

  • Environmental problems / toxins 
  • Long term infections: bacteria, viruses and fungi 
  • Lifestyle which is not appropriate to the individual ( stress, diet, physical activities, social environment)
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