Vitamin regimen and light therapy

Health through vitamin regimen – you feel tired and exhausted?

This might be due to a lack of vitamins. Vitamins are essential for our body’s metabolism. They utilize nutriments in the cell, promote elimination of waste and thus protect our cells from premature aging. A vitamin deficiency is either caused by increased demand or reduced supply.

Increased demand develops through:

  • Stress
  • Pregnancy, breast feeding
  • Smoking or excessive alcohol consumption
  • During illness or convalescence

Reduced supply can be caused by:

  • Low calorie diet
  • Unbalanced or insufficient diet
  • Insufficient resorption of the intestinal walls

Highly-dosed vitamin injections into the muscle or intravenous infusion will bypass the intestine and directly reach its site of action.

Vitamin C regimen

Highly-dosed vitamin C regimens can bolster the defense mechanism in a variety of of acute or chronic inflammatory illnesses. The regimen is appliqued via intravenous drip (30-60 minutes). Thus free radicals are easily neutralised. This treatment is highly recommended for influenza or acute colds. Often a considerable improvement of the patient’s condition can be achieved on the same day.

For a lasting effect it is recommended to undergo at least 3, or in case of increased susceptibility to infections, 10 treatments.

Discomforts such as:

  • Colds
  • All kinds of inflammation (sinusitis, arthritis a.s.o.)
  • Increased susceptibility of infections
  • Allergies (asthma, hay fever, eczema)

can be considerably improved.

Regimen for blood circulation improvement

Recommended for:

  • Dizziness (vertigo)
  • Lack of concentration (ADD)
  • Acute tinnitus
  • Cerebrovascular insufficiency
  • Improvement of mental ability

Recommended treatments are 3 times per week or every day. Gingko-loges, cor-loges, hepa-loges and veno-loges are applied, according to the individual diagnosis.