Immune system and intestinal flora – status and strengthening

What is the Intestinal Flora?

The intestine and the intestinal flora together are the biggest immune organ of the body. The term “gut flora” summarizes innumerable bacteria adhering to the intestinal wall. The various species form a community in equilibrium. In a healthy body they help to repel attacks from external and pathogenic agents. A disturbed balance between healthy and harmful bacteria is called Dysbiosis, as described in scientific studies.
If the gut flora in their quality and quantity is destroyed by antibiotics, stress, diet or other circumstances, for example, it increases the sensitivity for:

  • Infections (respiratory tract, bladder, etc.)
  • Allergies (respiratory tract, skin and bowel)
  • The irritable bowel syndrome (flatulence, constipation, diarrhea)

Diagnosis and treatment

A stool sample is used to investigate the state of your intestinal flora in a special laboratory. The lab will submit us a detailed report, displaying a panel of all ‘good’, too little expressed in the gut.

After evaluating the report, I will propose to you a well-matched immune therapy with probiotics.
Probiotics are healthy bacteria normally expressed in a healthy intestine. It is administered in form of powder, drops or capsules. It rebuilds and strengths the intestinal flora and thereby supports the whole immune system.

It is a protracted therapy and often expands over months but, considered in the long run, very successful. It is also appropriate for adults, children, toddlers and babies.