Homeopathy and homeosiniatry

Homeopathy in Berlin

Homeopathy is a stimulation therapy using potentiated organic substances as remedies. Homeopathy heals, not with material substances, but with the energy that the substance produces through the process of potentiation. The process entails diluting the organic substance in water or alcohol after adding the potency, succussing this dilution. Thus the homeopathic remedy comes into the organism as a magnetic field. Homeopathic remedies reverse a pathological state of the organism to a previous healthier steady state of health. The choice of remedy is specific for the individual.

First and foremost I work with complex homeopathic remedies.

What is Homeosiniatry?

Homeosiniatry stands for a combination of two therapies: acupuncture and homeopathy. I inject diluted homeopathic remedies on acupuncture points. The effect is similar to the acupuncture needles, but in addition, it allows the body to absorb the homeopathic remedy.